Situations Where You Might Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Despite our best efforts, there is a large chance you will need to hire a personal injury lawyer at some point or another. Thousands of personal injury cases are tried monthly, many with positive results for the injured party. Learning to recognize situations where you need to hire a st. louis injury lawyer that specializes in personal injury is the best way to ensure you are protected, and avoid shouldering the cost of a preventable injury.

Businesswoman With Injured Arm

The first point that many people don’t understand is what constitutes personal injury, and what type of situations and injuries could lead to a law suit. Many people are under the mistaken impression that this only applies to physical harm, such as those that might occur falling on a wet floor, or due to malfunctioning machinery. In fact, emotional and psychological damage can also be considered personal injury if the damage is long term, requiring therapy and has lead to long term problems.

Examples of emotional or psychological trauma could include long term psychological abuse due to a spouse, boss or bully. Trauma from a rape, assault, stalking or black mail can also be grounds for a personal injury law suit. That having been said, know that cases that are purely emotional based can be harder to try as the damage is more easily open to interpretation by the judge or jury.

Car Accident:

If you were the victim of a car accident where you were not the individual at fault, but were injured, hiring a personal injury attorney is important to ensure your medical bills are completely covered and the insurance company doesn’t try to get out of paying. It’s important to avoid talking to anyone from the offending party, whether insurance agent or individual, without your attorney present to avoid saying anything that might have negative repercussions on your case later on. Even if they seem nice, remember that the insurance agents job is to get them out of paying, so ignore the fake pleasantries and refuse to speak without your attorney present.

Work Injury:

If you sustained an injury while on the job then you should speak to a personal injury firm to see if you have a case. This is especially true if the injury sustained hampers your ability to work, and results in a loss of income. Following are a few examples of job related injuries that might lead to compensation:

>Back Injury due to heavy lifting
>Fall from a significant height (5+ feet)
>Injury in Factory Machinery
>Lung damage due to inhaling chemicals on the Job

Of course these are only a few examples to give you an idea of what type of injuries might be covered. In lesser injuries the companies insurance should cover medical costs if nothing else, but consulting an attorney will give you a good idea of what you should expect.

Preventable Injury in a Business or Work place:

3)Preventable This is another common personal injury category that can lead to a law suit. If you were injured in a place of business due to negligence on their part they could be held liable for both emotional distress and medical bills, and in some cases pain and suffering. If for example you bit into a piece of glass, slipped on a wet floor that wasn’t marked, or were smashed in an elevator door that whose safety features didn’t kick in, you should contact an attorney.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best way to ensure you are protected in the event of injury due to negligence on the other parties behalf, ensuring you get paid what you are due.